Saturday, 18 February 2012

First Post and Space Nails!

Here's my first "blog" post! 

I decided I would start off with the design I did today! My space nails! 

So instead of taking a picture of one hand, so you had to try to guess what all the details are... I took it of each nail so you could see what I did on each. Each nail is different! I'm starting to get into nail art, slowly! Even though my nails are sadly a little short. They don't like to grow!

Which nail is your favourite? I think mine is the top left!

This was actually quite easy! I just put a base coat of black down, then with a small piece of cosmetic sponge I dipped it in a purpley pink and blotted it on in the middle. Then I took a really crappy, awful white that was too watery for normal use and layered it on top of the pink, some spots very light, so heavy. Then I took my nail art pen (you should be able to buy them in any drug store, mine's Sally Hansen) in white and created little stars and designs. Then finally I added silver sparkles to give it more smaller stars!

So let me know what you guys think of this blogging thing. I'll be featuring other makeup artists when I get familiar with this. If you've seen any amazing makeup that you think should be featured, send me a link! 



  1. great nails!
    i love your work!)

  2. I'm an inspiring makeup artist and I am working at reaching a professional level. You are a makeup idol to me! I wish to one day reach your level but in my own way and style. If you are interested I can send you pictures of my makeup ideas. You can reach me at my Tumblr account