Sunday, 19 February 2012

BH Cosmetics Primer

BH Cosmetics Primer (Eye and Foundation) 

So this is what I was wearing today. I'm one of those cool people that take a picture on their ipods or iphones. I actually just didn't have time to upload them to my computer and such so I took it with my ipod. 

Today was the first day that I tried BH Cosmetics eye primer and foundation primer that I got with my winnings from their holiday makeup contest! (All thanks to you lovely people!) 

Eye primer:  
Normally I just put on an eyeliner as a base, which works quite well for me! I decided I would try BH's primer to see how well it worked. I tried it with just straight eyeshadow and it turned out quite well, but not as bright as I usually wear it. For a "normal" person it would be super bright, but not for me! haha! So I put down the primer again, added white eyeliner and then applied my regular eyeshadow (see above). The top picture is of when I first applied it in the morning, the bottom is from about 10 minutes ago. It barely budged at all! The colours are still beautifully vibrant and it isn't smeared all over the place. I'm quite pleased with it! 

Foundation Primer: 
When I put my foundation on, it usually looks awesome when it is first applied, but after a while it starts to get a little patchy. My cheeks usually stay the same, but my forehead and chin typically become spotty or eventually are uncovered. I hate that! When I tried out BH Cosmetics foundation primer it was completely different. To start I just put some in my hand and used my fingers to put it on my face. The texture was amazing! It made my skin feel so soft! It also has Vitamin E & A and Grapeseed Extract in it. So once it was on my face, I applied my foundation as usual. I could tell that it was really gripping it because if I let my foundation sit for a second, I couldn't blend it in afterwards. I had to be careful to blend right away! Once I got my foundation on, I set it with my regular powder and then wore it for the day. Now, it is still about the same! It's missing a bit off my nose, because I was blowing my nose all day, but the rest is still nicely covered up. 

Both products I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for long lasting makeup! You can find this product and many more at bh cosmetics.
Do you guys know of any awesome products that you would recommend for me to try? 


  1. I know some cosmetics you could try! They specialize in loose pigment eyeshadows. She hand makes them all. It is Truth or Dare cosmetics. It is owned and operated all by one girl. My friend Jennifer L. Dunlop. You can find her on Facebook. She gives free trial colors to make-up artists. I am a happy costumer of hers. The colors are bright and long lasting. I would be delighted if I could see you do something unique with them.