Thursday, 23 February 2012

Feature: Except-Europa

Feature: Except-Europa from Deviant Art

Except-Europa's makeup designs range from colourful eye makeup to outstanding full face designs. She was one of the first people that I found painting scenes after I really got into Deviant Art. She does amazing work and I'm happy to show you what she does. I've asked her a few questions about her work and here is what she had to say. 

1. How did you get started with makeup?
I got started with makeup just from getting those god awful cheapo makeup kits for christmas (you know the ones that are like 80 palettes and 30 blushes and lipsticks for a dollar) and I just played with them. But I got into doing the really weird stuff on my face about 3 years ago when I saw goldiestarlings wizard of oz makeup. I just had to try it on myself, and low and behold other people seemed to think it was cool.

2. What is your all time favourite brand? What's your favourite product from that brand?
My favorite brand would probably have to be MUFE but its really hard for me to choose a favorite brand. Product from that brand would have to be their number 92 eyeshadow, its the purple I always reach for, I love it so much. I bought mine 2 years ago and I still have over 70% left and I use it all the time. Amazing pigmentation.

3. Where do you get your inspiration from?
I get my inspiration from a little bit of everything, I think most of us do. From music, media, movies, other artists are where I draw most of my inspiration. I have to say that my biggest inspiration comes from the desire to create an illusion, to change skins, and be someone or something else through art.

4. Favourite tool?

My favorite tool would have to be my Ben Nye angled detail brush. Where there could never be straight lines on my face, that little brush makes it possible.

5. Have you gone to school for this? Or is this more of a natural talent?
I haven't really gone to school. I took theater in highschool where we had to learn to apply various kinds of stage makeup. I also worked as an assistant manager at The Body Shop, and went through a few months of their makeup training. Other than that I am a student of youtube, I won't lie. But it took alot of practice to get to the level (as low and amatuer as it may be) I am now.

6. Do you make a living off of your work or is it more of a hobby?
I have a day job as a barista/bartender, but I do make a little money doing makeup (and facepainting). I live in a really small town so there isn't much demand for what I do here, but I am the only one here that does what I do, so I guess thats something. Also because it is such a small town I occassionally get recognized for my work from facebook 'Oh your that girl who painted van gogh on her face, or the cheshire cat etc...'

7. Which design of yours is your favourite?

Oh that is such a difficult question. I think my personal favorite would have to be the 2001: a space odyssey facepaint. 

The dawn of man.

8. How long do your designs usually take?
It all depends on the design. Some have taken me 15-20 minutes, others multiple hours. I never really pay much attention to the time when I'm doing them on myself because I tend to take alot of breaks and take my time with it.

9. How long have you been doing this?

About 3 years =/-

10. Any advice for beginners?

My advice would be not to be afraid to just start painting with no idea in mind. Its just makeup you can wipe it off.

Here are a few of her amazing designs! Click on the images for a better look!



If you'd like to look at more of her stuff, visit her at except-europa.deviantart

So what do you guys think? Which is your favourite design? 


  1. Nice blog! I watch you on DA and I'm gonna follow your blog too. Love the featured artists, I'm always looking for new make up techniques to improve my own. Keep up with the great job! ^^

    My DA:

  2. hey!
    I put some of your artwork on my blog, the one with the disney scenes on the eyes. Really beautiful and I just had to share it. I posted the link to your Deviantgallery of course, where I found the pictures.

  3. Great feature! Except-Europa is a very talented artist!