Thursday, 26 April 2012

Favourites at the moment!

Random favourites at the moment! 

Hello you wonderful people! I'd like to share with you some favourite makeup looks that I've come across. I'd like to start doing this on a regular bases, so if you have any favourites of your own, post them down in the comments! I'd love to check them out! 


Don't forget to add your own favourites in the comments! <3 


  1. Wow! Thank you so much for featuring my looks, Katie!!! :D I'm super excited that you like them! <3 You've featured lots of my favorites too... So gorgeous! Keep up the amazing work, lovely! ^-^

  2. I loooove all the looks, so bright and fun. Here's a look of my own

  3. Thanks so much for featuring me in this blogpost, you just made my day. I think your designs are the best and so very creative so this is a huge honour for me. Thank you!
    You made a list of some of my favourite bloggers out there, these ladies are fantastic.

  4. OMG you like almost all of the looks that I've liked on Makeupbee!!!